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Caleb Nelson

About Silver Studios

We are a new Edmonton-based music studio that currently offers private lessons, recording and producing opportunities, songwriting services, DJing services, and represents artists for hire for private or corporate functions. We are not just a recording studio, but also a music school, a management company, and a wealth of information for the Edmonton arts community.

About Caleb

Caleb Dale Nelson was born in small town Wetaskiwin, Alberta and grew up on his parents farm. Singing is a natural expression for Caleb as his family atmosphere has been described as a re-incarnation of the VonTraps on more than one occasion. While attending post-secondary, Caleb joined the Madrigal Singers as a classical tenor while also playing trumpet in the U of A and MacEwan collaborative jazz bands. While at the U of A Caleb met many other musicians with his passion for the voice and other instrumentation, as well as the vision to bring choral music into the mainstream for young men through a cappella arrangements. That group has grown into a 6-man powerhouse, 6 Minute Warning. In 2010, Caleb began working as a recording engineer for Edmonton’s Wolf Willow Sound doing dialogue editing for television shows and video games. His work at the studio has influenced the push for a home recording studio to have a space to perform on more instruments, write and record original songs, as well as help other artists with their own creativity. Caleb’s skill set expands from voice and trumpet to piano, guitar, bass, and will continue to grow as he dedicates more time to his craft.

Photo: KZ Photography

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